Make something everyday

Henry and I went to a pirate party last Saturday, on Sunday he wanted a pirate shirt. Ok, I said!! Let's make one!! Henry chose the design he wanted and I showed him how to change the color using Photoshop (you're never too young to learn Photoshop!) and we printed the design on transfer player. 


He got to watch me iron, he ways he will do it when he get bigger... 


He wore it all day, night, I washed it, then he wore it again!  

I love fabric

If there is one thing I like (there are a lot of things I like) but a main one on the list is fabric. I have started to make my own designs. Today I started to experiment with Ink O Dye. In the spirit of yesterday's post and the projects my students are working on....Although I use this material in my classroom, I have not used it in my own studio yet. I'm happy with these early results. It was a cloudy day, so I took a chance and prepared these prints anyway. Ink O Dye is activated by UV light, sunny days are the best, but these came out surprisingly good. 


My set up - I used circular beads, shade pulls, small embroidered flowers, and a transparency.  


The final results:  


  • This is prior to washing. I can already tell this print will not stay well because it needs more exposure time and it was done on a stretch cotton fabric...



I am really happy with the photogram quality of this. In fact I already cut it up (before it was even dry!) to make a celebration flag! 



This is my favorite one. I love the stripes and how the flowers worked out.  


Eclectic Mom - Home - Inkodye 

I absolutely share the love of ink-o-dye and experimental art with kids with this mom! I love that she used Ink-O-Dye with her children - experimenting and creating something from the kid's work! I will definitely use this with Henry! I  started experimenting and using Ink-O-Dye last year with my students -- this year, with all of the cloudy days and short class periods it's been a little more difficult - but the students started printing today. It is definitely one of my favorite materials!

Last year's project was an Ink O Dye Peaceflag inspired by the Prayer flags of Tibet. 

This year students are designing clothing or an item of their choice.

Snow day, snow day...

Today was a full on snow day for all of us; all schools closed. The day brought some discoveries based on a few pieces I was grading this morning. Henry became very interested in photograms a student made using cassette tapes. He wanted to see a tape for himself. Of course we have some! With a mini screwdriver, he got right to work taking the tape apart. 


That gave me the idea to guide Henry through the deconstruction of another item...luckily we have some broken keyboards laying around our basement. He asked questions and saw how the keyboard works! 



After the snow stopped we bundled up and played in the snow. Well, Henry played...I complained about being (c)old! We must have worn him out because he fell asleep on the couch at 6:30...zzzzzzzz......Which never happens!


the most memorable season of the day

I just discovered a CD within a large binder filled with CDs that contains a lot of my writing that I forgot about. I am so excited to find it. I sometimes get so wrapped up in things that I forget what I love to do. Writing has always been a love of mine -- I will share some of my writing (fictional and non) as time goes on. 

This is a small piece I did either for a class (I took a great workshop back when I had time for such things) or on my own....not sure which now, but it describes the early morning hours based on a Henry David Thoreau quote

The morning, which is the most memorable season of the day, is the awakening hour.
Then there is least somnolence in us; and for an hour, at least, some part of us awakes
which slumbers all the rest of the day and night.
Tiny cat scratches alarm clock, 4:30, 5:30. I give in. sometimes to my dismay often I am
happy to be loved and needed this much. Buzz saw snoring breaks my slumber and I stay
awake. Load the coffee pot, the sun is below the horizon still and the school busses have
just begun to leave. Cats swirl around my legs like fantail fish as I shuffle about the
kitchen, morning is about domesticity- I unload and reload the dishwasher, gather some
laundry all to the growl of the bear that still sleeps soundly in our bed. But I don’t mind, I
break this silence with NPR. Hello BBC America. They fill my newly awakened mind
with facts and news; ideas stir for the new day.


Wow, it's been proving more difficult than I expected trying to put together a new website! The hardest part really is trying to decide what to include and how to categorize it. I never realized how all-over-the-map my work has been! Perhaps I need some focus! 😜 or maybe that's just how I work! Either way, I'm loving the look of this new website and I hope if you're looking at it, you do too!